The Virtual Economics ISSN 2657-4047 (online) is a scientific, peer reviewed, e-journal of economics and management. VE is edited at Institute for International Cooperation Development and The London Academy of Science and Business, which are the nonprofit scientific research organizations focused on innovative technologies and synergy of science and business for progress of civilization all around the world.

VE is an open-access online journal, published in English as the primary language, with double-blind review and a creative commons license. The submission of papers takes place online via or should be sent: All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial appraisal by the Editorial Board, and – if found suitable for further consideration – to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees.


 Areas of research include, but are not limited to, the following:

Conceptual/Practical Approaches and Methodologies towards Development of Virtual Economy, Information Economy, Digital Economy, and Space Economy

Digitalization for Economic Growth

Virtual Economy and Financial Markets Development

Smart City and Digital Economy

Information Technologies (IT) and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for Virtual Economy Development, and Socio-Economic Innovations

Global Information and Communication Space for Optimization of Economic Activity

Innovation Information and Communication Technologies in the context of Industrialization, Automation, and Modernization

Virtual economics: applying economics to the study of game worlds

Standard of Living: Identification and Strategic Planning in the Global Information Space

Globalization and Internalization for Space Economy Development

Information Economy for Environmental Engineering

Digital Economy for Reflexive Management Development

Cognitive Technologies for Optimization of Economic Processes

Strategic Management Practices and Creative Marketing Techniques in Information Economy

Digital Economy for Sustainable Economic Development

Information Technology in Effective Solving Problems Relating to Global Climate Change, Energy Poverty, Water and Health, Gender Inequality, Recycling, Malnutrition, Preservation of the Environment

Micro and Macroeconomic Policy under the Information Economy Conditions

Information Economy for Low-Carbon Economies

Electromobility, Electronic Commerce, Industry 4.0

Gender Diversity in Innovative Management

Cooperation and Integration Processes in Information Economy

Accounting in Information Economy

Economic Security, Insurance, Safety, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Digital Economy and Logistics

Econometrics for Information Economy Development

Interdisciplinary Scholarly Research in the Innovation Management from a Novel Point of View

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