The Green Deal Policy for Renewable Energy: A Bibliometric Analysis




green economy, green deal policy, renewable energy sources, energy saving, energy modernization, energy security, carbon-neutral economy


The industry attention to the environment has been reducing lately, leading to irreversible climate change, reaching the limit of mining, and critical indicators of СО2 emissions. That is why the EU has launched a new Green Policy which includes strategic directions for energy efficiency and which is expected to restore biodiversity and slow down the pace of climate change. Thus, on December 11, 2019, there was held the presentation of the “European Green Course”, the main targets of which are to increase the level of energy saving by creating closed cycles in the economy; to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by 2050; to form biodiversity and climate neutrality. Accordingly, countries that accept the terms of the green deal policy need to review all aspects of their economy, from energy production to food consumption, from industry to transport and construction. The purpose of the article is to analyse publications in order to identify public’s awareness of radical changes in economic and ecological spheres. The article provides a bibliometric analysis of research in the field of green deal policy, energy conservation and energy efficiency through the introduction of renewable energy sources. The authors selected 337 papers which were published in 1999-2019. Scopus provided the database for analysis. By means of VOSviewer the results of bibliometric analyses were visualized in a definitions map. It allowed identifying six clusters that combine 131 terms. As a result of the research, the connection between the terms – renewable energy sources and energy saving – was revealed with the help of the constructed bibliographic map.


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